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Designed to produce picture perfect results, the Rodin 3D UV multifunction printing machine is a next generation digital spray printing contraption produced by the Suzhou Hi-jet Digital Technology Company. Choose Rodin, experience upscale mechanized art with characteristic designs and ultra smooth contours.

The printing machine utilizes a white ink looping system in conjunction with a 6 color CMYK V W ink cartridge. The 30 inch alloy printing surface is equipped with a high precision laser targeting system. Our beautifully designed flip-lid is transparent, making user-friendly controls even easier to operate.

Rodin is capable of 2880 DPI high resolution printing. By utilizing advanced Japanese piezoelectric nozzle technology, we are able to achieve a minimum ink-dot precision of 3 picolitres. Experience photographic quality results with a new degree of realism!

Our machine is highly versatile and can accommodate vastly different mediums. For 3D printing, the device can process three dimensional objects for exterior printing. For surface printing, Rodin implements white ink and light glazing technology to create vivid colors with exceptional contrast.

This method is ideal for processing materials such as glass, paper, metal, plastic, and wood. Our recommended pre-treatment and after-treatment procedures will help you achieve clearer pictures and improve the adhesion of base materials. For relief sculpture printing, we utilize advanced grey scale differentiation techniques to facilitate layered spray printing.

Interchangeable components allow you to print on even more mediums! Coil painting utilizes advanced true color painting technology and possesses strong weather proofing properties. Cylindrical painting enables you to process wine glasses, lamp posts, and other similarly shaped objects.

Rodin provides software to support all of your crafting needs! Sharp Color converts pictures into RIP, a format recognized by PrintExp. This program is compatible with x32 operating systems with windows sp3 or higher. It will allow you to choose between coil, surface, or cylindrical painting models. Once inside the control panel, enter the model management password, confirm the nozzle enclosure setting, and start painting. For painting presets, you may calibrate the number of copies and painting passes as well as picture intervals and other related data.

Quality is a Rodin guarantee. Our imported ball screw enables accurate positioning of the painting platform while high precision dual-linear guide rail ensures its steady movement. Equipped with UV LED lamps, the painting machine is designed with ultraviolet solidifying technology that enables instant-dry painting.

Operating on a UV cold light source, these lamps have a service life of up to 10,000 hours. Ink-dot stretching technology in combination with a piezoelectric nozzle ensures that the resulting ink-dots are perfectly shaped. Our advanced servo motor facilitates flawless precision painting while the fully automatic cleaning system makes maintenance a breeze. Cutting edge optical fiber communication methods are utilized to avoid signal transmission interference, allowing for stable performance and fast transmission speeds.

Inspired by the innovative awareness of “The Thinker”, Rodin is your ideal companion on the path to imagination and creativity. Our passion and commitment to quality is evident in our products. Choose the Rodin painting machine to fulfill your most intricate artistic designs.